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November 19th, 2010
08:15 am


Quarter of a Century
So, the last week has been pretty eventful, relatively.
Turned 25.
Moved to Christchurch.
Enjoyed myself.

This last has been mostly accomplished with the aid of videogames, and friendship. The latter being pretty important.

Anyway, my teachers college applications are apparently finally completed (they'd been sent in on my end, but due to various madness, were running late for some fo the essential referee submissions), and so hopefully I can find out sometime soon where I've been a successful applicant for.

It's nice to feel parts of my shell breached. Kaikoura works out to not be the place I want to be on so many levels that i kind of feel like I'm erecting mental defenses, without having thought about it. Probably side effect of high school.
Sleeping on an air bed is surprisingly comfortable.

Things to do:
Make CV
Make other CV
KapCON game? (not sure, maybe doable)
Find somewhere to live.

So, yeah.l I kind of loathe the whole application process for things almost specifically because of the period I'm now in: waiting for the results of my application to be detailed to me. (They all have interview processes for successful applicants too.)

I guess I still have a bunch on my mind, I'd like to see more people in a catching up and shooting the breeze sense, but the people I crave the company of are unavailable. I guess this is one of the sad things of establishing my social group almost entirely from a University cohort. Graduates leave, for whatever reason.

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November 5th, 2010
11:03 am


Dinner at the Dux:
Due to my absence of other plans, and having worked out several fallbacks for where i'm going to sleep tonight (Yay, thank you very much Marsden and Woot :) ), I'm going to go to the Dux for beer/food tonight. I'll be there from around 5pm, at least, and I'll hang there for a bit. (If people get in touch with me to tell me they'll see me there, then I'll make sure to hang for a bit longer.)

Fair warning, I thought I'd catch up with the mad Arab, so if you aren't one for his particular brand of dirty filthy hijinks, then I wouldn't advise taking me up on this impromptu plan.

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10:25 am


Life, it rolls on.
So, I'm still here, still breathing, etc. I got my first good night of sleep in awhile last night. Soon I shall ehad to Chch, but I still have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when I get there, or with whom I might stay, which makes this a bit of a dicey prospect. (Need to go so I can start job hunting, though I recently realised I need to completely revamp my CV, twice, to make it approrpiate for different fields, also need to do up a CV for a specific job.
Anyway, still intend to go, as I'd really like to see people, this is just a general "if you're free, and bored, I'll probably be hanging around in the city centre unless someone contacts me to do otherwise."

Replies to this entry in the next half hour, or when I get Internet again, will be read. (I'll endeavour to get Internet soon as I get to Chch), otherwise my cellphone at 022 685 7790)

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November 4th, 2010
05:47 pm


Christchurch this weekend.
Never ending quest to live my life from moment to moment:

Can anyone put me up for Friday and Saturday night?
Anyone want to catch up Friday afternoon?
(I have things to do Saturday afternoon and night, and i guess I have a few hours free on Sunday morning-afternoon before I bus back to Kaik)

Incase anyone wants/needs it, my cell number is: 022 685 7790

Anyway, currently looking into: moving to Christchurch post-haste, job hunting there. Ideally I want to be not paying that much rent, since obviously, I'll be a bit cash strapped until I get a new job (benefits pay rent and food, they don't live extravagantly, as I'm sure we're all aware)
So anyway, if you know people who are looking for flatmates, or hunting for flats soon, I might be keen, contact me somehow?

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October 29th, 2010
12:04 am


Personal Statement
So, this is a Personal Statement I'll be sending out to Teachers Colleges (probably on Saturday, when I finally get around to doing stuff I've been promsiing myself I'd do -since the moment I got back to NZ-, and have had the paperwork for since the earthquake.

Anyway, if people click behind the cut, they'll see my Personal Statement. I'd really appreciate people taking a glance and telling me if they see any glaring errors. Obviously, there'll be -much- better typesetting on the copy I actually print off.

Personal Statement behind hereCollapse )

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October 17th, 2010
05:43 pm


In Chch 2 days only!
Well, more like 1 day only.
Anyway, I'll arrive in Chch on Monday (late afternoon or night), and be there all Tuesday, and Tuesday night.

What I'd REALLY like to do is stay with friends, and chat, watch movies, play board games, video games, blow off steam, and get the shopping I need to do done.

I think this is a plan that's -within the scope of my capabilities-
but on the other hand, I've left it to today to figure out if I even can get somewhere to stay tomorrow night.

So, anyone want to catch up? Monday Night or Tuesday?

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October 15th, 2010
01:11 am


If I had a bonfire...
Then I would run into the sea.

If I had a bonfire,
Would you run to join me?

This post brought to you by the comittee for more drugs in the town water supply, also, sentiments I 100% stand by. If I had a rbonfire, thens kinny dipping in the south pacific would soudn remarkably less stupid.

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October 9th, 2010
11:14 pm


"Gainfully" employed.
So, I'm a kitchen hand now. I guess. Started trial period today. Feel exhausted after 3 hours of it, wondering how I'll manage a proper job of it if 3 hours is enought o slaughter me like this.

Life could be less stressful in general, I'd like it very much if it would be less stressful in general. I'm guessing it won't be though. Boo hiss.
Guess I should call WINZ on Monday and tell them i've apparently found a job. Don't like thinking that far ahead right now, too much of that and i'll realise that this job precludes voluntearing at the theatre (which I really wanted to do), and also precludes socializing, ever again.

Ok, that last part may be an overexaggeration, but it's how I fucking feel. I feel melodrama, I LIVE AND BREATHE MELODRAMA.

Woe is me.

Tomorrow I get to work a split shift, hip hip huzzah. Agreed to it without really thinking.

Still, more money could mean less debt, and less debt is generally a good thing.

Really REALLY need to finish my application forms and send them off to potential institutions of higher learning. Can't believe it's fucking October already.

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October 3rd, 2010
02:55 pm


Things are in an upswing, so why do I feel so out of sorts?

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September 15th, 2010
12:04 am


The roar of nature...
It's easy to miss,
In this isolated nation,
just how incredible it is,
to live in such splendour.

It's easy to miss,
the bizarre notion,
that not everyone has heard,
the roar of the sea.

Not everyone grows up,
feeling the breaking surf,
to push sand between their toes,
and stare out at the ocean.

Not everyone chances,
to hear the roiling wind,
to feel it buffet them with noise,
as it lashes the trees.

There you go, tragically unrefined poetry. Because, well.
Because I'm struck by this a lot lately, I didn't think about it while I was away, only on returnign to Kaikoura for this long stretch. There are people out there who don't explore their habitat at all. I've spent some years of my life imitating one.
Except, it was always imitation. I've never been as closed to my world, even when I was at my most xenophobic, as some people are forced to be by circumstance. And others simply choose to live for what seems to me lack of imagination.
I mean, I say this to people now, because it really does strike me as extraordinary:
Do you have any idea how many people in China have never seen the ocean? I don't, and I use China because it's a grab on my personal experiences, but it applies to the world in general. I've all my life only ever seen the pacific ocean, but in New Zealand, I don't think it's actually really viable to grow up never having seen it. Maybe if you lived and died in the north island you could manage it, but you'd almost certainly be intentionally stunting your experience of the world.
See, I regret that when I was younger I was less open. My pickiness about food used to be something of legend amongst my acquaintainces. These days? I'll try pretty much anything, and I find I like quite a lot. (The exception to this rule is Stinky Tofu, which I never managed to make myself try. The smell was just too bad.)
Similarly, I know there must be a large number of people int he world who don't get to experience the fury of the wind in the way I routinely get it here. The trees around my house are all of the routinely misshapen variety you get when they must resist the constant pounding of the wind, at least, the ones on the wind break are. And the roar of the wind pushing through them is something distinct.
Just like the roar of the waves crashing on to the pebbley shore.
There are people in the world who will never experience these things up close. Maybe the extent of the world that I've visited is part of my generalized disdain of nature television. Those docos and travel shows almost never appeal to me. I have to see things to feel the true allure.

I wonder sometimes if this is a defect within me, or if it's just to do with my upbringing. While I've stubbornly refused a lot of opportunities to go out and experience nature, I've also been exposed to quite a lot of it. Espeically by the standards of pretty much anyone I met in a Chinese city.

But hey, that old song. "We don't know lucky we are." is iconic for a reason. Even if it pisses me off by not actually being very pleasant to listen to, and being an example of that whole inspiring patriotic kind of thing.

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September 14th, 2010
11:15 pm


Old Spice Advertisements
They continue to be hilarious:

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08:18 pm


Who's bored this weekend?
My parents are away, I guess this makes it the perfect time if anyone wanted to visit. Of course, I'd rather some notification, so I'm not putting this up as an open invite, but rather as a "please contact if you'd think about coming." kind of thing.

Did that make sense? Bleh.

Anyway, otherwise, haven't accomplished a lot, I say that too much, and its true far too often. Too many things out of my control, too many things I'm waiting on other people for. Too many ideas in my head that I just haven't had the energy to pursue.

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September 12th, 2010
05:24 pm


Life! Onwards it goes!
So obviously, I continue to exist. I was in Chch for the big quake itself, and for a couple of days immediately following, but I've been back in K-town for nearly a week now.

I need to organise myself slightly, I think. I've fallen into a pattern best described as listless, again. Haven't accomplished a lot since i got back here, though I've played a fair bit of Halo 3 in preparation for the oncoming of Reach.
Uhm, That's about all for the time being, I guess. I keep intending to impose bits and pieces of order upon my daily happenings, and I knwo from experience I can keep this up for short periods each time. But eventually the periods fall apart, and I wind up back in my slack-zone.

Also, I really REALLY want my desktop back, to a ridiculous degree.

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September 4th, 2010
05:34 am



I feel paranoid, and unable to sleep. Also, I've apparently lost my couch to a rogue Simeon, who felt (rightly) that sleeping in a concrete slab structure was suck during aftershcoks. I on the other hand, cant sleep until the aftershocks calm somewhat, because I'm way too amped.
So anyway, 7. something, 30km deep, a few kilometres away. (not so far, I dunno, I'm a bit frazzled)

I'm not handling as well as some others appear to e hadnling it. But I am living, so that's ok. God knows how the final version of this will work out.

If no update in the next 2 days, please send rescue parties to find my computer and rpeserve its majesty.

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September 3rd, 2010
12:31 pm


Guh, I missed the dry period.
I -may- have stayed up all night playing Halo, and this post -may- be getting brought to you by the 4 hours of sleep I did catch as an intermission.

Notable things:
I've had to swap my gamertag again (last time, I promise). I am now

Add this if you want to game with me, promise I'm keeping this one. (Short version, I munged the country setting on my last account, and Microsoft sucks gigantic cocks in order to get enough jizz to feed to its consumers via vast micropeen farms they expect the consumers to suckle at. (Consequence, apparently Microsoft has some really weird anatomy, I may have to try and convince some ill fated artist to draw this horrifiic vision for release unto the world someday.))

I'm in Chch for the weekend. I may wind up running a roleplaying game at the Ballroom on SUNDAY. If I can think of something I should run for it. Am tending towards "But I'd need something excessively gimmicky, with very low prep", since I forgot my printed RPG stuff in Kaik. Of course, this will probably be superceded by my need for SLEEP by that point. I slept 10 of the last 48 hours, and I don't expect the rest of the weekend will be a glorious sleep filled time.
At present, my plan for the weekend involves consumption of as much BLACK BLOOD OF THE EARTH as I can get my hands on. Note, i am a non-primed test subject, who while generally a heavy caffeine abuser, has not lately been a party to excessive caffeination.

"The Daily Show is a Gateway drug to Glenn Beck." , because you know, it's TRUE, bitches. The Daily Show really is a gateway drug to Glenn Beck, you see, you start watching the Daily Show because it's witty. And that reinforces your interest in US politics.
But you know, you decide that (a) this show must be an elaborate hoax on the part of Jon Stewart; (b) that whether it's a hoax or not it's probably fucking hilarious to watch Glenn Beck rant with a full on conspiracy theorist blackboard and chalk playset.
Note, (a) is sadly false, (b) is, to my discerning 'I watch FOX news so I can laugh at the opposing viewpoint and drive myself further towards my own extreme via rejection of everything they stand for' eye absolutely true. So those hypothesis come out at 50/50, which is kinda bonus.

Really people seem to be complaining not about the ability to repost things to facebook, because that already exists, but because they don't trust their readers to respect their privacy.
As someone who's often a bitchy gossip. I understand the lack of trust for other human beings thing, but the vitriol about how LJ is killing everything is kinda uncalled for, they're making it -easier- to crosspost between platforms. This is not the end of the world. The problem is that people expect the option to crosspost will lead to the kind of rampant privacy/security violations commonly seen due to facebook's poor handling, while I think it's more of a "if you have a serious expectation that people will do this to you, you may need to examine your trust of other users" issue.
Of course, I'm all for abandoning sinking ships, and to shouting fire in the theatre. So of course, just tell me which service we're abandoning -enmasse- to, and I'll happilly move there.

Also, fuckery, I don't think I have Charlene's number, and it's raining a lot, and I'm phobic of water. And, besides all that, I'm not running at least 10 minutes behind due to the time I've spent writing this bitchy post. And I still need to shower. SO, uhm, Charlene, if you look at this, I'm runnign a bit behind?

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